Football News

August 19, 2016 VS Riverdale Academy, Coushatta

Won - 24-18

There is nothing like running back the opening kick-off for a touchdown to start the season off right. The NBS Knights enjoyed that fast start as T. J. Roberts took the opening kick back all the way in the initial game in the rain-soaked, home stadium of the Rebels of Riverdale Academy of Coushatta. Yet the Rebels refused not go down to defeat easily. The Rebels mixed in both the run and pass to score 18 points in the first half. The Rebels knocked on the door to score another touchdown right before halftime but the stout Knights defense, led by Carter McManus, Chris Moody, and Sawyer Smith, denied them entrance to the end zone after the Rebels had forced a Knights’ fumble and had driven inside the five-yard-line only to have the seconds tick off the clock before they could score more points.

In the second half the Knights re-installed T. J. Roberts as quarterback; he had gotten cut in the first half and sat out most of the second quarter. In the second half Roberts’ quick darts combined with the determined dashes of running back Logan Eubanks established a ground game that brought two more touchdowns for the Knights. The stingy NBS defense, which shut out the Rebels in the second half, wrapped up the scoring for the Knights with a defensive sack of the Rebels’ quarterback by Tristen Boyce, leading to a two-point safety. The final score was NBS Knights 24, Riverdale Academy Rebels 18.